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5 Things You NEED to Be & 5 Things You CAN'T Be

Episode Summary

Originally recorded as a Mastermind call, in this episode Vince Del Monte and business coach, Korby, teach 5 Things You NEED to Be and 5 Things You CAN'T Be.

Episode Notes

On this episode:

Key Takeaways:

"If something’s worth doing on the side it’s worth doing full time." – Vince Del Monte

"It doesn’t get easier, you get better." – Vince Del Monte

"Proximity equals power." – Vince Del Monte

"No one wants to deep first." – Vince Del Monte

"You got to get crushed before you start crushing."  – Vince Del Monte

"Be fearful of regret." – Vince Del Monte

"If you want to go fast go it alone if you want to go far go with others." – Chinese Proverb

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